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Vicky Callanta Soong

Born and raised in the Philippines, Vicky Callanta Soong graduated from PWU in 1974, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. As a Registered Nurse, she worked as a company nurse for the Philippine Bank of Commerce and served as a civilian flight nurse for the Air Force in Zamboanga.  She also worked as a Staff nurse  in a local government hospital, while waiting for a United States visa.  She arrived in California in 1976, and was employed at Saint Mary's Hospital in Long Beach. She met Rolin in 1977 and got married in 1978, and settled in Hacienda Heights. They have two sons and two daughters.  For her services to the Youth Science Center, she received commendations in 2006, from Assemblyman Bob Huff, Supervisor Don Knabe, Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Rowland Heights School District, adn Judy Chu, Board of Equalization member, for being the Youth Center's Volunteer of the Year. Currently, Vicky is returning to nursing working for Maxim Health Services, giving flu shots.

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