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Reggi is an award-winning writer, garnering the 2001 Jose Rizal Memorial Award for Literature in LA.

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Reggi is an award-winning writer, garnering the 2001 Jose Rizal Memorial Award for Literature in Los Angeles.The top award was presented by the Philippine consulate in Los Angeles for Reggi's essay on world peace and harmony at the annual literary contest in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine National hero. Also, Reggi achieved the Competent Communicator level at the Celebrity Center International's Renaissance Speakers Toastmasters Club. Below are three of her poems.

Who Am I? I am a rainbow of emotions Crimson, orange, purple against a white sky Like courage, honor, peace and purity

  The warmth of sunlight embracing me all around

I walk in lush gardens along many paths

Colorful flowers, majestic trees, soft grasses Busy bumble bees and graceful butterfiles Are daily gifts foe me to enjoy and behold I raise my sights to the sky in the day and night The stars and the moon come to view These are dreams and yearnings in my heart Wishes that keep me reaching for higher ideals I love the ocean, the waves and the wind The roar of life, the storm and ripples alike The outburst of nature, its symphony and quiet calm I am a drop in this vast ocean of life I am a dot in the big universe A dot-to-dot connection of lives My solitary life forms a pattern within the big puzzle The world turns and the puzzle comes together by design I am my forebears' dreams, my ancestors' prize for struggles A universal man with God-given rights A free man to speak, to worship, to be happy To love and be loved in return

A Brand New Life It's saying good-bye to the old With the awakening of a new dawn The many years gone by A brand new life for better now In search of the Holy Grail No, it's not gold It's the key that leads to purpose of being To know and understand the reason why I am here I don't need another thing to put on my shelf, Not collecting another material thing This time I want a prize for keeps I will search and  soon I will find it within It's a  brand new life Many days ahead to count my blessings A joyful heart, a peaceful mind And much love to spread around Beyond the Rainbow There is a secret place beyond the rainbow Where flowers are in constant bloom Amidst the colorful birds in the sky It is a oasis of never-ending joy and love A rainy day brings many mixed sensations A storm is weathered with strength and hope The downpour and the upheaval of emotions When the storm ends, there is a sign in the sky There is a place full of joy and rest for travelers It is beyond mortal gaze Someday I will see beyond the rainbow  When we share the secret place and continue in love once more

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