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by Lydia Vergara Solis

Columnist, PWUAASC President 2015


The incoming president of PWUAASC is a beloved daughter of Camiling, Tarlac. Lourdes, aka Lolly was raised in Manila since she was two years old. She’s the elder and only daughter of two children. Her father, Angelo Santos-David, was a lawyer and a judge; her mother, Purificacion Macapagal Leyva-David, a music and arts teacher, then a school community coordinator in the district.  She was a multi -awarded teacher both in the district, division, and national level. Mrs. David briefly taught arts and crafts at the PWU Community College and used to appear on Php TV programs for DIY crafts ala- Martha Stewart.

Lolly’s paternal grandparents claimed they owned the first supermarket, rice mill, and movie house in the town of Camiling.

She is married to Guillermo T. Enrile, an Architect by profession, who retired as an Engineering Designer, from LADWP. Their only child, Olivia, a pandemic frontliner, is a nurse, RN, and holds a BSN degree, working towards a nurse practitioner certificate. She's an ER nurse at Kaiser Permanente.

Lolly graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (1965); and Graduate Studies in Educational Psychology (1974).

While teaching at JASMS-PWU, she passed the Teacher Board Exam and earned civil service eligibility. “It was Mama who persuaded me to move to public schools, not because of better pay, but because of shorter work hours so I could pursue my other interests -- at that time: music, arts, dance , and the like,” said Lolly.  “It was my public school teaching experiences,” Lolly added, “that drove my advocacy for books and school supplies for indigent students and impoverished schools in Manila; e.g. Baseco Schools in Tondo, and others.

An old cliché, but so apropos:  “Like mother, like daughter.”

As a teaching professional, Lolly was a demonstration teacher in the district and division level and received the Presidential Award as “Outstanding Teacher of the Year.”

And we have proof from one of her students, Myra Rodriguez. She wrote on Facebook, September 1, 2020:

"We all have that teacher who stirred and engaged us, who made us believe in boundless opportunities. One of my favorite teachers was Mrs. Lolly Enrile! She is the foundation of what I know in writing and to tell a story so it looks to extract information needed without appearing like a to state an opinion without to plan ahead for an approaching deadline...the parts of a newspaper to put together for a striking layout...standing up for the truth...balancing press freedom and responsibility...discreet naughtiness, Haha!...and many many more.

“In 6th grade, I became the Editor-In-Chief of our school's English newspaper,” Myra wrote. “She made that paper happen. Thank you, Mrs. Enrile! It was an experience of a lifetime!”

Talented Lolly even wrote, coached, and directed children’s plays and dramatics and won top place in district and division competitions. She was also a mentor and cooperating teacher for student teachers and interns from both private and public schools in Manila.

Here in California schools, she was demo teacher for school and community, and directed a number of plays and stage performances for the school district before her retirement in 2015, from the Rowland Unified School District.

Presently, Lolly is on her 3rd term as President of the CMDCSA (CA-MLA Div of City Schools Association) which was unanimously extended by the group, despite her objections. Finally, she acceded on the condition that it’s going to be her last and final term!

She served as Vice President for three terms before her present position, after several years’ attempt to get her to accept the position! To PWUAASC members, that sounds so familiar! 

Lastly, here’s a little-known fact about the incoming President of the Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California:  She was a raving beauty (and still is)! She was nominated and selected ‘Miss Zamora’ by the school board among the lady teachers in school. The Board also entered her in the ‘Lakambini ng Maynila’ Tilt, a competition exclusively for every school’s teacher-muse. There were more than 60 competitors. And guess what! Lolly made it to the finals!


As a member of the local folk dance troupe, Lolly performed on the stage at the Cultural Center of the Philippines for then First Lady Imelda Marcos, and also at other City national celebrations.

Beauty Titles:

Miss Zamora and Lakambini ng Maynila Tilt

Circa 1972 with Anchorman

Eddie Mercado

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