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Updated: Aug 29, 2020



The PWUAASC lost one of the most kind, most gentle, most thoughtful and most generous member of our association, my dearest friend, Charie Monje Quadra. She was always been an active member and officer of our organization for decades until her condition stopped her for doing so.

Caridad Monje Quadra, also known by everyone as Charie, was born on June 15, 1936 in Pamplona, Cagayan, Philippines. She was married to the late Benjamin Quirino Quadra for fifty-six (56) years. Ben Quadra passed away early this year. They lived in Las Vegas for many years.

Charie graduated from the Philippine Women's University in Manila, Philippines with a B.S. in Pharmacy in 1957 and attended the University of Southern California, Los Angeles for completion of 455 clock hours required by the California Pharmacy Board. She was a California licensed pharmacist since 1983. She also passed the State of Nevada Board Exam in November 2009. With these great qualifications, she opened her own pharmacy, CMQ Pharmacy, in Los Angeles and West Covina, California.

Aside from being a charter member and officer of the PWU Alumni Association of Southern California (PWUAASC) for many years she was also a member of the Filipino Pharmacists of Nevada. She was an ULIRAN III awardee in 1997 given by a Filipino group in Los Angeles.

Charie loved to dance, sing, host and attend parties. She was generous, kind and always ready to help anyone in need. So many fond memories of Charie with the PWUAASC.

Always ready to support the group by getting extra ads on the souvenir program, attending our events despite of how hard for Mang Ben to drive, volunteering to pay for some items needed by our group, and always a helping hand physically and financially.

Charie was 84 years old when she passed on July 30,2020. She was survived by her four children Yvonne, Ned, Danny and Rachelle and two grandchildren.

Goodbye my dearest friend, I will dearly miss your caring, your gentleness and most of all your friendship. You will be forever remembered in our hearts.

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