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Larry Itliong Celebration

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Larry Itliong was born in San Nicolas, Pangasinan on October 19th, 1913. In an attempt to seek a better life, he migrated to America at the age of fifteen. His heart was set on becoming an attorney and seeking justice for the poor.... Alongside other Filipino leaders, Itliong was able to organize 1,500 Filipino workers to strike against the growers. Together with Cesar Chavez, the Delano Grape Strike lasted for 5 years. This was one of eat most important social justice and economic movements in American history. In 1970, the growers got pay increase, medical insurance plan and established controls over toxic pesticides. This paved the way to continue to fight for the rights of the farm workers.

City of Carson in California sponsors the Larry Itliong Day annually. It usually starts with a parade by different Filipino Organizations followed by a program. PWUAASC Officers and Members are active participants in this celebration.

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