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How did Covid-19 impact your life? (How it affected our organization?)

Updated: Nov 4, 2020


by Lolly David-Enrile

How did Covid-19 impact your life ?

Our PWUAASC has been hit hard, too during this pandemic. Nevertheless, we are committed to continuing our mission, our advocacy of helping those in dire need, here and our "kababayan" back home thru intermediaries.

Things are changing everyday and we will continue to do whatever we can and make decisions on how we can best support our association. In the meantime, our members are doing the best they can to cope.

Some are creative, resourceful and productive; others apprehensive but hopeful; still others, selfless and more religious__as gleaned from the following interviews, when asked about the impact of the pandemic on their lives:

"I have more time with my son and granddaughter to stay around and eat together while observing physical distancing, have more time with my patio garden. I feel I have more money saved because my passion for shopping has stopped! The lockdown got me back to my other passion__baking and crocheting. I've been asked if I am ever bored and my answer is, absolutely not!. No, Never!"


"It's basically all indoor activities. Unable to do certain activities like going to ballgames, concerts, movie theaters, malls, museums and no restaurant indoor dining. It hindered all vacation plans for this year 2020; could not travel to see kids in New York. I've learned to let my eyes 'speak and smile' at people I meet for i can't do that with mask on"


"This pandemic has made it difficult for everyone. We experience fear, worry, sadness, anxiety and depression. I's especially sad and heart breaking when you lose a close family member like I did. Frightening to see close friends and love ones getting terribly ill. I'm afraid for my son who's a nurse. This feeling of pain, agony and fear is hard to bear.

I thank God for the hope and strength He's giving me. Let's not lose faith, let's continue to trust God and pray unceasingly. He will not forsake us, for He is a loving and merciful God."


"I could write a novel on how pandemic has affected my daily life...but to sum it all, I'm always in fear of the invisible enemy. Am so fearful to go out, for fear I might catch the virus and will not be able to see my kids and grand kids because of it__so afraid of getting sick and dying alone. It affected me profoundly. The 2020 travel plans abroad were cancelled. Parties, picnics, dine-outs and socializing with friends are now things of the past. I'm isolated from my family and good friends.

So I usually stay home, hooked on watching Chinese and Korean movies. On the upside, I've learned how to cook via Google, be social media active in FB, Viber, Messenger and Zoom as this is the only way I can socialize!"


"It affected my job and my business greatly. I'm a travel agent and a tour host and since travel has been suspended worldwide, every plan and deal made has been cancelled. I am also an event planner and have a flower business__ those, too were stopped and closed.

So did my daughter's work. She travels around as a spokesperson for a business company. The lockdown has halted it. There's no job available for her at present.

I pray this pandemic ends soon."


"As we all go through this most challenging time in modern history__like most, we did the usual adjustments in lifestyle; did more meals at home, read more, watched more TV, walked, gardened, learned new skills, zoomed with family and friends.

With travel plans shut down, we did some home improvement projects instead.

The distancing also allowed more reflection time, a deepening of one's prayer life, and reconfirmed our need for fellowship of family and friends.

Let's pray for each other and stay safe and well. We will get through this"


"Looking back, I remember my excitement and eagerness to plan our activities and itinerary for the whole new year___vacation dates were set, hotel booked, plane tickets purchased, and countries to visit selected. Then, unexpectedly__in a blink of an eye, the world and the life of everyone changed!

I am a healthcare worker and work full-time. My team battles to defend against coronavirus each day, giving the Covid-19 patients the best possible care to ensure they could be discharged home stable and better. Sometimes, we couldn't save a critically ill patient, and with the battle lost, we couldn't help be emotionally devastated.

My personal and social life is disrupted. I stay home on weekends when off work, no more restaurant dine-outs and vacations cancelled. Social activities with family and friends are limited or postponed.

With the future unpredictable and the uncertainty of how long this pandemic be around, I and my family need to strictly follow the state mandated guidelines. We should not compromise our own safety and the safety of those around us."


"It is definitely a challenging time for me from the onset of this Covid-19 pandemic.

I have two high risk family members who live with me and since the nature of my professional work indirectly exposed me to this virus I have to take all the necessary precautionary practices when getting back home from work each day. This is the 'new normal' I'm dealing with. The health care facility I work for does a weekly testing for all staff, per Dept. of Public Health regulation. Thankfully we all have been doing well.

All I could hope for is we continue to do our part in following the guidelines for safety against the spread of the virus."


"Covid-19 is a double-edged sword. It has also brought about some positive changes in our lives. It shrunk the world easily through online connections with family, relatives and friends through tech apps like or, etc. Through Zoom, I travel virtually to different continents at various time zones.

Because of the lockdown, I have a garden of veggies and fruit trees, remodeled home interior, restored backyard pool, attend professional conferences, group prayers and retreats, and enjoy a group Zen meditation, all online. I also founded and co-sponsored the newly-chartered La Mirada Toastmasters Club.

'If you get lemons, make lemonade', turning adversity to opportunity is what this Covid-19 has taught me. It brought people home to reflect on what is important__God, health, family, connection with others and service"


"Covid-19 has definitely put a damper on our daily activities. We are mainly confined indoor watching TV, cooking or cleaning. We go out to water the plants, pick young leaves (talbos) of sweet potatoes and Filipino Ashitaba plant. For exercise, I walk around the house eight to ten times. We go out only to buy groceries and other essential items from Costco, Seafood City, etc., to Kaiser to pickup our prescription refills. We can't go to church, so we attend mass virtually through EWTN. We also miss visiting and seeing our friends."


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